Science Fiction in the Hammer!

Thursday, 08 December 2011 13:29

Do you live in the Hamilton area and love science fiction? Are you tired of only having “that one friend” who knows what the heck you are talking about when you complain about the Hugo selection process or why you think John Scalzi isn’t as funny as people say? Maybe you just really like science fiction and want to connect with other people who like reading the same stuff you do. While the internet is the great meeting place of geeks and nerds of all stripes, getting in some face time with actual people in meatspace helps keep us sane (and not so lonely!).

I want to start a local science fiction discussion group. We can read books together or we can just gather at a local bar once a month to discuss all things science fiction (and fantasy too). While my background is academic, the group’s conversations don’t have to be about the deeper meaning of time and space. They can be, of course, but we can also talk about AIs, the latest steampunk novel, who you love/hate to read …

Ideally, I want to create a gathering of local SF fans – you can be an old hand at the con circuit or someone new to the genre who wants to learn more about SF and fandom – in a fun, casual atmosphere where we can nerd out together with pride. The only prerequisites are that you are of legal age, non-judgmental and open-minded, and love all things SF.

Please help me get the word out – tell your friends, co-workers, and internet peeps that an SF club is emerging in the Hammer and to contact me. Once I have enough people to justify using the word “group” (because I don’t want to be sitting in a pub somewhere by myself, staring into the abyss) I will set up an accessible place and time to meet (hopefully starting in the New Year).

So if you love science fiction (and the occasional fantasy novel) and want to connect with other fans in Hamilton, please contact me at – leave me your name, preferred email address, and your ideal time to meet.

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